Meet Denise - Denise Link
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Meet Denise

Denise Link

Denise is a women’s health nurse practitioner and a university professor. She has 43 years of experience as a healthcare provider and 35 years of experience teaching in community colleges and universities. Throughout her career, Denise has been active in many policy and legislative issues and champion for expanding access to healthcare, especially for low income men, women and families. She has been an advocate for community programs to improve health, education, safety, and opportunity. In her practice and policy work, she learned about the effects of unsafe neighborhoods, underemployment, lack of insurance, and poor nutrition from those who live with these problems. As a teacher, Denise understands that a strong public-school system is the foundation of a highly functioning democracy, the key to building healthy communities, and critical to the development of a strong workforce to attract and retain businesses in our state. Denise has been recognized twice as Nurse of the Year by the Arizona March of Dimes. She received the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Award for Excellence. The national organization Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health named Denise an Inspirational Nurse Practitioner in recognition of her leadership in state and national health policy. Denise is a graduate from EMERGE, a program that prepares progressive women candidates to run for office. In her roles as Governmental Affairs Officer, Board of Nursing member, and chair for policy committees, Denise has worked with key stakeholders and gained valuable experience in state legislative and regulatory matters. Denise and her husband, Dennis, have been married for 41 years. They have three children and three grandchildren.